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Well, it’s here: our very first blog post! This is a place for us to share our conversations about products we have tried and loved (or not), great investment pieces, cute finds across the internet and ideas for all aspects of family life. Nanette and I have been working on this idea for a long time, and on more than one occasion it didn’t seem like we would actually get here. But, I’ve gotten a bit ahead of myself. Before I continue, let me introduce who we are and tell you why we wanted to start this blog.

My name is Carolyn, and my sister and fellow blogger is Nanette. Along with our brothers and third sister, we were raised in the Chicago suburbs, where we grew up on store-brand pretzels, Market Day dinners and Venture tennis shoes bought by our coupon-clipping Super Mom. (Anyone remember Venture with the black and white stripes?) While our taste may have matured a little, and we moved a bit farther from home, the love of a good deal stayed with us.

This brings us to today, where Nanette and I are both mothers to two girls each, and still love to share when we’ve found a great deal on a great item, big or small. Our simple goal in this blog is to share those deals with you and to give Nanette and I more sister time together even while being separated by geography. Gotta love the internet for staying connected! (The trip from Chicago to Maine is not a quick one.)

As we post, we truly try to look for items that we as on-the-go mothers, homeowners, and professionals (who work from home) find practical and worth spending our hard-earned money on. With a more classic style, we both prefer to find investment pieces that sometimes may be a bit more than we would prefer to spend, but know in the long run will have been worth the purchase. That’s not to say we don’t love to have fun; you will hear us chatting about the hurdles and joys of raising a family and we definitely never take ourselves too seriously.

So, as we end our first official post we invite you to come along for the ride, read our thoughts (and share yours), have some fun and maybe just save a dollar or two.

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Today I need a… is a blog dedicated to finding deals on high-quality items. Each week we break down a different product that we need by researching, giving each other advice and ideas, finding deals and having a little fun while doing it.

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