Fun Family Game- I Got This! Perfect for your Staycation

This year, which let’s face it – is pretty much the same as every year for me- we are staying home for Spring Break. I do have some fun stay-cation activities planned including hiking, going on our annual breakfast-for-dinner restaurant trip where we ingest a crazy amount of pancakes and see a movie, and plan a fun family game night where I get a new game for us to enjoy. This year I ordered a game for the family called I Got This! We have played it a few times already and my kids love it!

I Got This! is kind-of like a minute to win it game where each card has a different challenge that ranges from physical challenges like throwing and catching items to brain based challenges like guessing measurements. There are different cards for different types of challenges.

Listed as a game for ages 8 and up, my 5 year old has a harder time with it, although she is still game to try the challenges even if she can’t always complete them. My 7 year old is more in the sweet spot for this game so I agree with their age suggestion. She has enough dexterity to complete many of the challenges while still having to really work at getting better in some areas as well. I love that it gets us active and out of our seats a little more than your average game.

If you are looking for a fun new family game, give I Got This! a try. You can get it from Amazon here.

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