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This weeks Today I need a… post focuses on Standing Desks. When I started working from home I ran into some issues related to staying active while not really leaving the house. I take my kids to school in the morning, but unless I have errands to run I am at home on my computer working, mostly sitting. One of the first decisions I made to help me feel like I was doing something healthier was to buy a standing desk. Below I outline my criteria and research process for how I made my decision on the desk I ultimately bought.

1. I knew I wanted something that would fit on top of my desk and not a new desk altogether. This is because I am extremely lucky to have a large desk that fits two chairs and spans the wall of my home office thanks to my extra handy father-in-law. I love my desk. I especially love having so much desktop space to work with and didn’t want to add more large furniture to my house. This helped me narrow down my search to desktop versions of what I was looking for.

2. I also wanted something that was a flat surface. I use a laptop, mouse and sometimes an extra monitor for most of my work. This meant that I didn’t want a desk with a separate, sometimes lower, keyboard section. I wanted it to be large enough to fit my laptop while also having room for me to draw/write in my notebook for taking notes and sketching ideas.

3. Finally, I wanted something adjustable that I could use either for sitting or standing. Let’s face it, I don’t want to stand all day long. While wanting to be healthy I also know that there are some days I am just plain tired. I looked for something that was easy to adjust at a moments notice.

After looking at a number of stores the desk I eventually chose I found on Amazon. Called Innovadesk Adjust Standing Desk Converter, I can say I love this desk. It moves smoothly up and down and gives me enough space to hold my items necessary for work. Obviously, the weight of raising and lowering will change depending on how much you have on the desk. It was definitely heavier when I had a monitor on it compared to just my laptop, but not enough that I couldn’t use it.

You can find this desk here on Amazon.

This is the desk in the raised position. Very easy to raise and lower.

*Please ignore my super plain office, it is on my list to get a makeover and will be part of a later post!

This is the handle you squeeze to raise and lower the desk. There is a small cutout on the desktop surface to make room for this handle, but it doesn’t bother me.

Additional notes: Because this desk will not be the same height as your regular desk be aware that you may have to raise your desk chair or add a cushion in order to raise yourself when seated to the best ergonomic height for seating comfort.

If you are looking into doing your own research you may need to look under different names such as desktop converter, adjustable desk, desk riser, and/or standing desk.

If you are looking for a new desk altogether there are a number of desks where the entire desktop raises and lowers. With this option you will see a higher price for a larger piece of furniture.

This is where I’m going to chime in! While I don’t have a standing desk at home I’ve been working for an office furniture company for over 10 years and have experience using many different models. There are numerous places to buy a standing desk but I will use examples from Office Designs first since I’m familiar with their product line. Their curated selection of height adjustable options can be seen here:

My top recommendation from these items would be Herman Miller’s Renew Sit-to-Stand. The price for a 48” x 24” desk with laminate top begins at $1545 which may seem a little pricey but it includes Herman Miller’s 12-year, three-shift manufacturers’ warranty. When purchasing a desk with moving part you want to be certain you won’t be stuck with a “plain” desk after the motor dies in 5 years. Herman Miller builds gorgeous high-quality products that last a lifetime. This desk is no exception it has style and works flawlessly.

If you are not ready to invest and need a full height adjustable option there are some available on Amazon. When browsing online for a cheaper model I wouldn’t discount hand cranked options, you may find they will last longer than one that relies on a motor such as this one.

A mid-range option would be an entry level model from Uplift Desk. You can design your own model here or shop their pre-configured models here. The have a 60″ x 30″ black laminate option for, it comes with free shipping and a 7-year warranty. This company specializes in Height Adjustable Desks and would be a good place to start your journey.

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