Cat Stax – Great Gift for Cat Lovers and Kids Alike!

We bought this unique game to put under the Christmas tree; it was actually an idea I stole from our other sister who bought it for her 3 boys. While Cat Stax is labeled for ages 10 and up, we decided to try it out on our girls who are six and eight. Besides, they LOVE cats!!

The colorful cats were an instant hit and they dove right in. While they had a difficult time with some of the harder puzzles, they enjoyed figuring out the beginner challenges and building their own staxs. As they get older, they can move on to the harder puzzles making this a game that will stay around a long time. Honestly, I found myself playing even after the girls moved onto something else. I would highly recommend Cat Stax as a fun kid’s birthday gift and for anyone who loves puzzles, cats or both!

Brainwright Cat STAX, The Perfect Puzzle – Find it here!

Kid Review (Evie, 8) : “I like Cat Stax because you can learn how to do the different puzzles. I like the challenging advanced ones and the beginners. If you don’t get the answer there’s always the solution cards! Really want Dog Pile!!”

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