Easter Baskets Made Easy

Easter is just 3 weeks away and have I gotten anything for my kids’ Easter baskets? Nope. I just don’t get out shopping like I used to anymore. Between work and the kids school and activity schedules I have no time to get out and shop, especially without at least one of my kids with me.

I usually choose an Easter Basket theme each year, something I know the girls are into at the time or something I know will be part of our spring/summer. A few years ago when we were first starting our vegetable garden I bought my girls gardening gloves, watering cans, garden themed books, sunglasses, a garden craft and chocolate carrots. They loved it and couldn’t wait to get started with planting our garden!

So, I thought I would try buying everything online this year and put together a few basket ideas to share with you all as I go. Order what you like, wait for the goodies to come in the mail and then assemble!

Special notes:

1. These basket ideas are candy-free. If you want to add candy it is much cheaper to go to your grocery store or local Target and pick up candy.

2. Some of these item combinations can get expensive when adding them up. Pick one, two, three items – whatever fits your budget or age of your child.

3. Target has Free 2-Day shipping on orders of $35 or more. Amazon has Free shipping for Prime members or for orders $25 or more.

Butterfly Themed Easter Basket

Butterfly Themed Easter Basket:
1. National Geographic Butterfly Book
2. Melissa & Doug Butterfly Magnet Craft
3. Monarch Butterfly Wings
4. Butterfly Hair Clips
5. Butterfly Terrarium
6. Butterfly Binoculars

Nature/Outdoors Themed Easter Basket

Nature/Outdoors Themed Easter Basket:
1. Go Find It – Outdoor Family Scavenger Hunt Game
2. Reusable Nature Stickers
3. Melissa & Doug Bug Binoculars
4. On the Nature Trail Book
5. Paint a Birdhouse Kit
6. Paint Your Own Pet Rocks

Unicorn Themed Easter Basket

Unicorn Themed Easter Basket:
1. Unicorn Necklace Set
2. Unicorn Paint By Stickers
3. Paint Your Own Unicorn
4. Unicorn Headband
5. Unicorn Flip Flops
6. Unicorn Easter Eggs
7. Unicorn Joke Book
8. Unicorn Bucket – or – Unicorn Canvas Bucket

Sports Themed Easter Basket

Sports Themed Easter Basket:
1. Paint Your Own Sports Bank
2. Light Up Flying Disc
3. Mini Tabletop Soccer Game
4. Sports Easter Eggs
5. Nerf Vortex Howler Football
6. Sport Sunglasses
7. Sport Bucket

Mermaid Themed Easter Basket

Mermaid Themed Easter Basket:
1. Klutz Magical Mermaids Craft Book
2. Bath Bomb with Mermaid Necklace
3. Mermaid Sequin Slap Bracelets
4. Narwhal Light-Up Fingerlings
5. Mermaid Tail Mini Purse

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  1. nancy hennig says:

    Nice selection of items for Easter baskets. As a grandmother of 14 I am always looking for new ideas. Like your pictures of the items because it makes it easy to pick and choose. Cute unicorn flip flops and mermaid tail purses!

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