Communion Dress Options that Won’t Break the Bank

Springtime – the flowers are just starting to bloom, the sun is shining, and Communion season is upon us. This year my daughter will be celebrating her own communion and so a few months ago we began our hunt for the perfect outfit. However, finding a communion dress for her proved to be difficult in Maine. We drove an hour and a half to the Maine Mall (we have one mall, can you believe it?) but had no luck! Ultimately, we turned to Amazon and were pleasantly surprised.

Dress: We wanted something simpler and this white chiffon dress was perfect. The flowy sleeves and pleated front add just the right amount of detail and the tie in the back insures a snug fit. Find it here on amazon:

Shoes: I’m a big fan of the SmartFit shoes from Payless. This Girls’ Cici Flower Heel fits well and has a secure strap. We found these shoes on Amazon here:

Veil: A veil was the first think my daughter wanted, she would have worn a paper bag as long as she had a veil. While this option was a bit pricier than others, it has a floral wreath that compliments her shoes.

Gloves: The final touch! How often do have the chance to fancy wear gloves? I couldn’t pass on this request and I found these.

Some other dresses we loved were:

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    Really pretty dress for that price!

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