My go-to 1st Birthday and Toddler Gift

Custom name puzzle – great toddler gift!

Between the two of us, Nanette and I know LOTS of babies, toddlers and little kids. We have many, many nieces and nephews along with friends who recently had or are having babies. And, because we know that many small kids, it means we attend lots of birthday parties. I have come to love giving a custom name puzzle by Fat Brain Toys as a gift for a first birthday or kids of toddler age. This puzzle is at a great price point, kids love it, parents love it!

Having bought a number of these puzzles, I can say the quality is excellent. The letters are slightly raised which makes it a bit easier to handle for smaller hands. It’s a gift that can grows with the child as they get older. In fact, the parents of the first child that I gave this puzzle to ended up gluing the letters into the puzzle once he got too old to play with it and hung it as a sign over his bedroom door! I love that idea!

Details to know: The puzzle can accommodate up to 9 letters and, because this is a personalized item, it may take a few weeks to receive in the mail.

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