Bathtub Themed Baby Shower Gift Basket

My go-to baby shower gift for a new mom is 75% practical items (for baby) and 25% indulgence items (for mom).

For this particular gift, I started with a collapsible laundry basket because, let’s be honest, there will be lots of laundry to do after the baby arrives! I filled the bottom with different sized diapers and a few packages of wipes. Then, I added some super-cute bibs, pacifiers and a little something for the mom post-baby. To complete the bathtub look, I laid some large bubble wrap (get it – “bubbles”) over everything and topped it all with rubber duck toys!

As an added bonus for the mom, I filled a stemless wine glass with some martini slushies from Costco along with a package of Champagne Gummy Bears for a bit of fun.

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