Mighty Meg – A Great Story for All Ages

In our house, we prize reading. It can be anything, really; chapter books, picture books, magazines, comics, graphic novels, or even the backs of cereal boxes. We are constantly looking for new reading material for our two girls, and given their varying tastes, finding something to read with the two of them at bedtime that appeals to both of them can sometimes be a little challenging.

That was why we were so happy to find the Mighty Meg series.

The series focuses on the title character, Meg, an inquisitive and kind young girl who receives a beautiful, antique ring as a birthday gift. When she discovers the ring imbues her with superpowers, Meg embarks on some challenging adventures, and has to decide how – and whether – to put her new powers to use, all while trying to master them.

The books are adventurous, family-friendly, and are appropriate for a wide range of ages (we read these to our 6 and 8 year-old daughters). In addition, Meg tales seem short enough to appeal to kids that may struggle with longterm focus, and also have illustrations on nearly every page, which will certainly help keep younger readers engaged. I really loved the focus on the importance of family, how Meg struggles with the idea of keeping her powers a secret from those she cares about, and how, even being as young as she is, Meg understands the importance of helping others.

We weren’t even halfway through the first book when my girls began to ask if we could read the second book together, and I was more than happy to tell them that we would!

In short, this is a fun, kid-friendly series with wide appeal. Highly recommended for family reading time!

Find the whole series on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JRn8PJ

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