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Hi all! Welp, this spring is not going as planned. Here in Chicagoland we have had a horrible spring: low temps, late season snow, then rain all the time. It has been a rough start to what is supposed to be a better weather season than winter. Usually, at this point into the spring, our family has enjoyed many nights by the fire before the mosquitoes get too bad in the thick of summer.

Our entire family loves spending time around the fire pit. We all take a break from screens and just enjoy each others company telling stories and making s’mores. This weekend we also want to try an outdoor movie, I’ll let you know how that goes!

A few years back we were in the market for a new fire pit. Our old pit did not stand the test of time, it was really pretty with mosaic tile around the outside but the tile started cracking and falling apart after the first season of use. So, as I always do, I researched online for a new fire pit that we could use for years to come and landed on this beauty – the Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit.

Disregard the weird fake-looking fire, I’m not sure why my phone took this picture like that.

I ended up getting it for Father’s Day for the hubby from my girls. It comes in a few styles and the girls both picked the one with the animal cut-outs on the sides.

Boy, have we loved this thing. Let me give you the details on how we help make it last because if you don’t take care of it, it will rust.

  • First, as some reviewers suggested, we sprayed the entire pit with High Heat Rustoleum right after we assembled.
  • Then we added sand and a layer of fire safe bricks.
  • I also always cover it. I don’t want it to rust or to gather water from the rain and then have to scoop out ashy water. This is the cover we bought for it, it’s a bit big but does the job and has held up through 2 summers and winters with lots of rain and snow.

Finally, I thought I would also tell you about these amazing Lighter Cubes we use from Weber. These make starting a fire so, so easy. I literally only need one or two cubes. I place them underneath some of the wood then light them with a lighter, they light fast and easily.

You can sort-of see one of the cubes I just lit on fire in this picture.

And that’s it! Follow some simple steps to take care of your fire pit and it should last for years. Enjoy those s’mores!

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