Sunscreen & the Product That Saved My Sanity

I love summer! I love it a lot. I love the weather, the sunshine, the more relaxed schedule. But, one thing I do NOT love about summer is the constant sunscreen struggle with my kids. It’s such a time-consuming and frustrating, but necessary part of our day. The kids squirm and complain when I apply their sunscreen, but don’t do a great job getting full coverage when they do it themselves. So when I saw this product, called Solar Buddies, I ordered it right away. I am here to say that this product has been fantastic for us this summer! You can find it here on Amazon:

Basically, it is a container with a roller and sponge at one end. You screw open the container, put in the sunscreen of your choice, close it up and let the kids get to work. As they roll it over their skin, the sponge helps to smooth it out. They don’t have to squirt any sunscreen out of a bottle which usually ends up in a big mess and the Solar Buddies size is perfect for little hands. I did find that we would have to rub the sunscreen in afterwards with our hands sometimes, but this is so much easier for my kids to use!

As with most products for kids, it works best with supervision. They still need help with their backs for example, but I have to say this has made putting on sunscreen easier and more fun for my kids. It’s a win-win!

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