Kids & Brushing Teeth – a Toothpaste my child will actually use!

Tasty Paste – Find it here:

What is it with kids and brushing their teeth? Why is it so hard to get them to brush and, when they finally do, to get them to do it correctly? One of my daughters does NOT like to brush her teeth – she hates the taste of toothpaste so much that she spits it out the second she gets the toothbrush in her mouth. I tried so many different flavors: fruit punch, bubble gum, strawberry, watermelon, mint. The list goes on and on until I finally tried a chocolate flavored toothpaste.

Yep, you read that right. I found this toothpaste, Tasty Paste, on Amazon and finally have a toothpaste my daughter will use! If you have a reluctant brusher at home too, give this toothpaste a try! Find it here:

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