Triple Layer Cookie Cake – Easy but Impressive!

My kids just recently had a taste of their first cookie cake ever. They were amazed and obsessed immediately so when it came time for my daughter’s birthday, she insisted I make her this triple-layer cookie cake we saw over at Life, Love and Sugar. Never one to back down from a challenge I gave it a shot and it was amazing! What a great way to make a girl feel special on her birthday.

We created 3 cookies to make the layers: one Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie, one Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookie and one Chocolate Chip Cookie. I made the recipe as written for the cookies, but chose to create a chocolate whipped cream frosting instead because our family don’t really care for buttercream. It – was – delicious! I used this recipe for the frosting. The only thing I did differently was to add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dark cocoa powder.

Let me tell you, holy cow! This frosting was so light, fluffy and delicious that I could have eaten the whole bowl right there in the kitchen. Thankfully, I didn’t and popped it into the refrigerator for a few hours to help it set up for piping on the cookie layers. I used this Cake Decorating Tool from Wilton to pipe and decorate the cake. I couldn’t find the exact cake stand I have, but I used a Turntable Cake Decorating Stand similar to this one to both frost and serve my cake on. My kids love helping by turning the stand while I frost the cake.

Seriously decadent, impressive looking and actually not that hard to make! Here are some tips from my experience:

  • I cooked two of the cookies the day before, wrapped them well in plastic wrap and they held up perfectly overnight on my counter.
  • I did use some skewers that I cut to size to help prop up the cake layers so they didn’t completely squish my frosting. These cookie cakes are very heavy!
  • Make sure to keep the whipped cream frosting very cold before you start piping and put the cake in the refrigerator right afterwards. The cold will help your frosting keep it’s shape.
  • Use lots of sprinkles, life is better with sprinkles.

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