No Tie Kids Shoelaces that WORK!

For the first two weeks of 1st grade my daughter would come home with her shoelaces tied in what seemed like hundreds of tiny knots. She is still learning how to tie her shoes so in her rush during the school day she resorts to just tying knots. This method does not successfully keep the laces off the ground – so it isn’t safe.

I did an investigative search on Amazon and found these gems. No Tie Shoelaces from Homar. They are very reasonably priced and they work!! It takes a bit of time to get them through the lace holes but once installed they make getting shoes on soooo much easier.

Hint: Be sure to cross the middle two laces and thread them through the loop on the tongue. This will keep the tongue from sliding down when your child puts their feet into the shoe.

These no ties shoelaces come in a wide array of colors, even rainbow. They have them for kids and adults. I have even used them on a pair of sneakers to make them slip-ons! Check them out using our affiliate link here:

No Tie Shoelaces for Kids – Brown
No Tie Shoelaces on
Focus 2 Performance Athletic Shoes – C9 Champion® Mint Green from Target

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