I Bought Everything in my Fall Clothing Stitch Fix Box!

I’m so excited to share my Fall Stitch Fix Box! I was looking for some cozy clothing for the Fall that would easily match my current wardrobe and my new stylist hit the nail on the head with this one.

As we have mentioned before, Stitch Fix allows you to write a note to your stylist for each fix. These notes are extremely important in getting a successful fix. Unless you are very easy to please you should never leave them blank. For the stitch below, I asked for comfortable fall clothing, including joggers, that have a Jennifer Aniston Street Style feel. Basic colors only. I also mentioned needing a new pair of shoes – preferably booties. Check out what I received, and loved, below!

Note: Stylist can be restricted by what is in-stock in your size. I’ve asked for new booties before but they haven’t had something that would work until this most recent fix.

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Carla Burnout Jogger

Kaia Textured Curved Cardigan in Burnt Orange

Arnold Raglan Knit Top

RD STYLE Rowca Elbow Patch Pullover

DV8 Cheers Bootie

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