Nature’s Wick Candle Sounds like a Crackling Fire!

Are you looking for the perfect host gift for your next holiday party? Look no further!! On a whim I picked up this Nature’s Wick Candle at Target, on sale of course, and was pleasantly surprised.

I was shocked at how LOUD it crackles! This candle really sounds like a cozy crackling winter fire and it smells amazing to boot. They offer layered candles so you have different scents to look forward to as the wick burns down.

Candle Crackling Video

Nature’s Wick Crackling Candle

Where to buy

You can check out Target’s selection using our affiliate link here, Also, the candles start at only $10.79 for a 10 oz. jar and if you are lucky you can catch them on sale!

Three Layers on this Nature’s Wick

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