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This is our second time trying HelloFresh, 2 years ago we decided to get their meal delivery boxes after we found Blue Apron to be lacking in family friendly meals. They did deliver to our small town in Maine but the ‘fresh’ in HelloFresh was lacking and we had to cancel.

Fast forward 2 years and we found the need to try meal delivery again so we decided to give HelloFresh another go. We chose them because of their family friendly meal options. Our two girls aren’t super picky but they can’t handle spice and prefer comfort food.


HelloFresh Review

I was very happy to see all of the changes they made. You can choose from MANY different meal options each week instead of just a handful. Their delivery is spot on and everything has been arriving very fresh. We have had a few leaky chicken and salmon packages but customer service is very slick and we have been issued credits quickly.

The most impressive thing are the meals themselves. They are super flavorful and easy to adapt for children who prefer less spice or no sauce… or their veggies untouched by seasoning. There are audible “This is sooo good”, “Mom, I LOVE this!” and “This is the best meal ever.”

Meal Cards vs. Actual Meals

Below I have taken some meal card vs. actual meal shots. My presentation isn’t great but you get the idea. My kids favorite is the Crispy Parmesan Chicken and my husband loves all the burgers and the Tunisian-Spiced Meatballs.

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh

Tips on Picking a Recipe

Tip: On every recipe you can see the approximate time it takes to cook and prep! You can choose a quicker meal for the weekday and something that takes a little longer for the weekend. If you can cook uninterrupted and know how to prep foods quickly these times are fairly accurate. If not, they may take a little longer. Getting the timing right takes a little practice – once you get going on a recipe there isn’t much room to stop so plan accordingly. Distract your kids with an activity so you can cook!

Hello Fresh

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