The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel Review!

The Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novel #6 Kristy's Big Day

80’s & 90’s kids rejoice, The Baby-Sitters Club books are back as graphic novels. Our kids now get to experience the babysitting antics of the club in their own way and I, for one, am super excited about it. I loved The Baby-Sitters Club books as a girl, the entire series is in a box in my basement. I’m just waiting for my girls to be old enough to finally read them. I mean, look at this picture!

The Baby-Sitter's Club Books
Just look at this collection! Memories, right?

But, before I could get them out, my daughter saw one of the new graphic novels at her school book fair and asked me to get it for her. Of course, I couldn’t say no! She started reading #6 in the series, Kristy’s Big Day, and didn’t want to put it down. Direct quote from my 8-year-old: “Mom, can you get me the rest of these books, I love them!” She also loves how the girls work together to problem-solve and the funny situations the girls get into while babysitting.

From what I could see, the characters are still there and the graphic novels retain their original friendships and humor. So, I am more than happy to get the rest of the set for my daughter.

The Baby-Sitter's Club Graphic Novel inside look.

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