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It all began Christmas of 2018 when my husband stumbled upon Angels’ Cup. Luckily, he gifted me their “The Cupping Flight” subscription and my journey to learning more about coffee began. I enjoyed the subscription so much that I requested it from my Secret Santa this year, who happened to be Carolyn!

I love coffee but I’m not a coffee aficionado. Coffee is a much needed step in my daily routine, I love coffee for the caffeine! With Angels’ Cup blind pack I’ve been able to learn more about coffee and develop a better palate.

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Angels' Cup Coffee Subscription Box Review at

Nanette’s Angels’ Cup Subscription Review

With “The Cupping Flight” subscription you receive 4 32g samples per month, each sample makes about 2 cups of coffee. The samples come in a blind bag with a number clearly written on the front. You can enter this number into the Angels’ Cup app to start your tasting.

Angels' Cup Coffee Subscription Box Review at

You have 3 tasting options, Quick, Beginner or Advanced. Since I’m fairly new at coffee tasting I like to use the Beginner. When starting the tasting you can choose brew method and note the color of the grounds. Next, you assess the taste using a chart that details complexity, body, bitterness, sweetness and aftertaste. (see below)

After that, you move on to Aroma & Flavor, this is my favorite part. The app provides a wheel with a large selection of flavor/aroma options such as fruits, flowers, herbs, grains, vegetables and more.

Angels' Cup App
Compare to Roastmaster

Finally, you can rate how much you enjoyed the coffee from 0-10 and add any additional comments. The next step is my favorite, once you submit your review you can compare it to a Roastmaster! Are you on target or completely in left field? The more tastings I do the closer I get to tuning my tastebuds and matching the Roastmaster.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend Angels’ Cup, it makes a unique gift for any holiday – Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or even National Gourmet Coffee Day (Jan. 18th)!

Angels' Cup Coffee Subscription Box
Eric’s Angels’ Cup Subscription

Eric’s Coffee Subscription Review

Carolyn didn’t only purchase a subscription for me, she also surprised her coffee loving husband. So don’t just take my word for it, read what he has to say.

Eric’s Review: Angel’s Cup was a pleasant surprise gift this year. I had no clue something like this existed but am glad it’s does. Each month I get several choice selections of coffees varying in origin and tasting notes. Even though I always look at what I’m drinking, the packaging provides an opportunity for mystery as each coffee bag is unlabeled (except a number correlated to its description card). I’m excited to try out next month’s coffee adventure. This was a great gift for a daily coffee drinker like me.

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