Make Your Own Harry Potter Howler Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! At our house, with my craft-loving kids we love making homemade classroom valentines to hand out! This year my 8-year-old decided she wanted to hand out Harry Potter Howler Valentines, but the only Harry Potter related valentines we could find in the stores had pencils. Which, if I’m being honest, are not the most exciting. I have so many pencils from every school function over the past few years that they just keep piling up. And I don’t know about you guys, but my kids aren’t allowed to bring anything edible so candy is a no-go.

For those reasons, we decided to make some Howler letters and include Harry Potter Stickers inside. See the stickers we used at our affiliate link here: My daughter loves them and helped throughout the entire process! A little paper folding and tape made her valentines come to life. Below I have pictures and instructions. Hopefully, they inspire you to make your own.

Harry Potter Howler Valentine's Supplies

Supplies needed:


Fold two corners of the red piece of paper so they come to a point in the middle like the first picture above. Then, fold each long side in towards the middle. Fold the straight end in about an inch and a half and tape in place. This step is simply to make the paper a little shorter so it is totally optional.

Next, fold the whole paper in thirds. Print the valentine template and cut evenly into 3 pieces. On each piece, cut an inch of the white paper off the top and bottom. We will be using these cut pieces for the teeth. Cut slits along each inch wide piece making sure not to cut all the way through. Fold the teeth along the edge of your cuts like the picture above on the right.

Finally, assemble your valentines. I used tape because it is so much faster than waiting for glue to dry, but you could use that too. Tape the valentine template to the folded red paper, on the side with all the paper folds. After that, tape the teeth on the top and bottom and then use a pencil to curl the edges of the top corners of the valentine. Lastly, tape the Harry Potter stickers inside, have your child sign their name and voila you have your own Harry Potter Howler Valentines!

Harry Potter Howler Valentine's

I used heart stickers to keep the valentines closed, but wouldn’t these faux wax seals be so cute! You could also add a little giveaway other than stickers, just get creative. I found some cute bracelets, broom pens, or temporary tattoos as options (affiliate links). Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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