LOL Doll Storage – We Found the Perfect Containers!

LOL Doll Storage

LOL Doll Storage is something I have been searching for for a long time. Are you are a parent of a kid who loves LOL Surprise Dolls? Then you have at some point in time lost it after vacuuming up yet another tiny doll shoe left on the floor. Or, if your kids are like mine, you can’t even step in their room without slippers for fear of being mortally injured when twisting an ankle on the LOL Dolls that have now formed a new carpet in front of their bed. Hey, at least they aren’t as sharp as Legos, am I right? I still shudder at the pain of a bare foot on a sharp lego corner.

But seriously, this post is just a quick tip on some divided containers I found. Much to my surprise, they help my kids keep their LOL Dolls organized. They actually really love to take the dolls out, put outfits on each one, and then choose a spot for each doll in the containers. I found them on Amazon here: (affiliate link) I ordered the 36 grid option and then removed two dividers for each section to fit a full-sized LOL doll. You can leave the dividers in for shoes and other accessories if you want.

Organization is life

These containers really do make the perfect LOL Doll storage, but can be used for other items later on. I have a few more that my girls use to store their rock and crystal collections. I like that I can remove the dividers to make them custom to what I am storing. It’s a small item that can really make a big difference. Now, if I could find fun containers for everything on my kids’ floors I’d really be happy.

LOL Doll Storage Container

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