Raddish Kids Subscription Box Review

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Carefully cutting the Zucchini

My daughter received a Raddish kids subscription box for Christmas this year from her grandmother. It’s become a tradition for them to pick a different subscription box each year. It’s a fantastic gift idea, they look forward to getting a package in the mail every month. *My oldest daughter chose Little Passports – stay tuned for a review.

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Heart Measuring Spoons

After receiving her first box my daughter was a little disappointed because she thought she would be receiving food along with her recipes, similar to HelloFresh. Each Raddish box includes three different recipes, a shopping list, a kitchen utensil, some activities and a patch for her apron.

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Shopping List!

It is important to note that this box requires some heavy adult involvement compared to others we received like Tinker Crate and Kiwi Crate. Also, it will likely require a grocery shopping trip! After receiving her first box my daughter was upset that we couldn’t dive into the recipe right away. Involving her in the prep, like writing her own shopping list, had her excited again.

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Raddish Recipe Card

So far, we have made the Harty Lasagna Soup and Raspberry Love Muffins. Both recipes were delicious and easy for my 6-year-old to follow with help. We will be making both recipe again for sure! The heart measuring spoons were also a HUGE hit. Once we were able to cook and get into the recipes my daughter was over the moon. She is now looking forward to her next box!

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Raddish Recipe Card Inside – Easy Directions

Overall, I would recommend the Raddish kids subscription box for any child who really loves to cook! If you have a smaller child, know that they will need parent supervision. I plan to update this review as more boxes arrive. We also still have multiple recipes we haven’t been able to try yet.

Raddish Kids Subscription Box
Hearty Lasagna Soup

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  1. nancy hennig says:

    What a great idea! Learning to cook, eating the results snd sharing time with mom or dad! Win win all around!

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