Sparks! Kids Book Review – Great for reluctant readers!

Sparks! Kids Book Review

Our newest book review comes as a request from my 8-year-old daughter. She picked up this book, Sparks!, at the library and has re-read it at least 6 times so far! Like lots of kids, she is drawn to graphic novels more than chapter books and this is one of her favorites. This book would make a great gift for kids who love cats and/or humor.

Sparks! Kids Book Review

Sparks! is a fun graphic novel about two cats who save the day while inside a mechanical dog costume. One cat is an indoor only cat who is scared to go outside and the other is an adventurous outdoor cat. You can check it out here at our affiliate link:

The cats make a great team and, of course, are aided in their quest by a walking, talking litter box which provides some additional humor of the potty sort which delights elementary age children everywhere. Seriously, I overheard my daughter reading something to her younger sister about a porta-potty party, which she found especially hilarious.

While this book might be a bit different in concept, it has everything an 8 – 10 year old loves: animals, humor, aliens, great visuals and perilous situations where the cats are always saving the day. The humor is age appropriate, my daughter specifically loves the parts with the dance parties. She loved the small twist at the end and ran to show me. I won’t show you though, no spoilers! We will for sure be checking out the second book in the series as soon as it comes out!

Sparks! Kids Book Review

After reading this book and getting my daughters’ input, I checked out out the reviews on Amazon. The reviewers said the same thing – this book is great for reluctant readers and kids who love cats and animals. By the way, this book is getting all 5 star reviews! Pick a copy up for the fun-loving child in your life today!

Find the first book here:
Find the second book here:

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