Summer Stitch Fix Haul

I’m so excited to share my Summer Stitch Fix Haul! Below is a quick run down of what I received in my most recent box. As we have mentioned in previous posts, Stitch Fix allows you to write a note to your stylist for each fix. These notes are extremely important in getting a successful fix. Unless you are very easy to please you should never leave them blank. For the stitch below I wrote: “I’m looking for some new summer clothes. Think Jennifer Aniston Street Style. Maybe a casual maxi dress. Spending most of my time at home these days so nothing too fancy.” Keep reading to see what I kept and what I sent back.

Note: Stylist can be restricted by what is in-stock in your size.

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Comet Knit Maxi Dress
– I loved the way this dress fits but I wasn’t a huge fan of the pattern. What do you think?

Tala Scallop Detailed Pocket Short
– This was my least favorite item in my summer Stitch Fix haul. It’s hard to tell from this photo but these shorts made me feel super old and they didn’t fit well on my hips.

Quin Keyhole Crochet Top
– They keep sending me these tops that are SUPER see thru, it is hard to tell from the picture above but my nude bra is showing through the thin white material. Love the design but it isn’t practical for every day wear as a mom.

Evita Perforated Wedge
– These were super cute and very comfortable but I have a similar pair.

Neve Skinny Jean
– By far my favorite item! If you are looking for a nice pair of jeans Stitch Fix can hook you up. All of the jeans that I wear are from previous fixes.

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  1. nancy s hennig says:

    The dress looks like it fits great but the colors are not exactly your best. Depends on the price if you want to keep it. Love the jeans and yes you don’t need see through tops, especially white.

  2. Did you wind up keeping the maxi dress?

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