Back To School Gift Guide 2020

We’ve put together a list of cute, fun items to make going back to school this year just a little brighter! Check out our Back to School Gift Guide for 2020.

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Refillable Hand Sanitizer Key Chains for their backpack

  1. Super cute characters for elementary aged kids (or anyone with a fun outlook on life) – Buy on Amazon
  2. Fun patterns for tween aged kids – Buy on Amazon
  3. Scalloped edges for teenagers – Buy on Amazon
  4. For baseball lovers – Buy on Amazon

Fun face masks

Kids’ 2pk Cloth Face Masks – Cat & Jack™ – Buy at Target

Kids’ 2pk Cloth Face Masks – Cat & Jack™ – Buy at Target

Tie Dye DIYGet a pack of plain white masks and a tie-dye kit. What a fun back to school activity and the kids will have one-of-a-kind masks to show off! We bought these masks, they are big on my 6 year old, but fit older kids well.

Port Authority Reusable Face Cover – Buy on Amazon

We just did this with our own kids an they had a blast. Check out their home made tie-dye masks below!

Tulip X-Large Block Party Tie Dye Kit 16oz – Buy on Amazon

Our homemade tie-dye face masks – my kids LOVED this activity!

Fun Lunch Bags

  1. Donut lunchbox – Buy on Perpetual Kid
  2. Shark Lunchbox- Buy at Target
  3. Nasa Retro Lunchbox- Buy at Target
  4. Igloo Marble Lunchbox- Buy at Target

Other School Essentials

JBuddies Studio Wired Kids Headphones – Buy at Target
We bought these for our kids at the end of last school year and I was impressed with them. Both of my kids went through 2 pairs each, but these are much more durable with a braided nylon cord and folding design. They also come in 4 colors so I could get different colors for my two kids.

Mead Trapper Keeper 3 Ring Binder – Buy on Amazon

Snack Smart Subscription Box – Buy on Snack Nation

Remote Learners – Back to School Gift Guide

Blue Light blocking glasses for kids watching screens during remote learning – Buy on Amazon

Trapper Keeper Game – Buy on Amazon

Desktop organizer with charging ports. – Buy on Amazon
Desktop organization was a huge issue for us during the last few months of remote learning. I love the idea of an organizer that also can charge my kids school issued devices!

Rotating Supply Organizer – Buy on Amazon

Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center – Buy on Amazon

Chair Back Organizer – Buy on Amazon

Sunrise Alarm Clock by LBell – Buy on Amazon

Kids Art Easel Double Sided, Whiteboard & Chalkboard – Buy on Amazon

Other Gift Ideas for Kids

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