Easy Cat Mini Cookie Cakes

I’m going to admit something a little crazy about my daughter…she doesn’t like cake. I know, what kid doesn’t like cake? Don’t get me wrong, she’ll “suffer” through eating it at birthday parties and celebrations, but she definitely doesn’t prefer it. Last year for her birthday I made her a large Triple-Layer Cookie Cake with a chocolate whipped cream frosting which she absolutely loved. Well, now that she’s turning 9, she loves all things miniature. And cats. And tie-dye. So I decided to combine all three and make her these adorable Cat Mini Cookie Cakes!

The good news is they’re super easy to make and use easy to find ingredients. They were a big hit with family and friends and most importantly my daughter. She LOVED these mini cookie cakes and already asked for me to make them again for her next year. Read on for instructions and ingredient list.

Easy Cat Mini Cookie Cakes


-Cookies – you need 3 for each cake (One of the best things about these cookie cakes is how versatile they are. You can make them smaller, larger, two layer, etc. – choose any cookie size and flavor you want!)
-Frosting – simple buttercream or can of white frosting – I used this kind Buy at Target
-Mini Marshmallows
-Chocolate Chips
-Chocolate sprinkles – Buy on Amazon
-Pink round sprinkles – similar to these Buy on Amazon
-Any fun shaped sprinkles


-Cake Icing Tool, like this Wilton Dessert Decorator – Buy on Amazon
-Small Offset Spatula, we like this reasonably priced one from Ateco – Buy on Amazon

Mini Cookie Cake Instructions

To make this year’s celebration easier, I decided to buy cookies instead of make them. My local grocery store has a bakery and I figured they would be more uniform in size than homemade cookies. I purchased three different flavors for a bit of added fun and because I made each mini cookie cake with three “layers”. I bought standard chocolate chip cookies, M&M candy cookies and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. You could make your own of course, it’s up to you!

Next up was frosting. I never use canned frosting, but due to time constraints and some home construction I decided to make my life easier. Canned frosting can be very oily which is one of the reasons I usually don’t use it. To make it more of a stiff piping consistency you can add powdered sugar and mix. I then divided it into different bowls and mixed in pink, blue, and yellow food coloring.

Once you have the frosting ready, assembling your mini cookies cakes is easy. All you need to do is pipe or spread some frosting on one cookie, place the second cookie on top. Then add another layer of frosting and finally the third cookie on top of that. You will have a stack of three cookies with a layer of frosting in between them.

Decorating your Mini Cookie Cakes

Once all of your cookie cakes are assembled, it is time to decorate. To get the swirled color effect, I placed a blob of pink, a blob of blue and a blob of yellow frosting on the top cookie. Then, I used my offset spatula in a swirling motion to spread it around the cookie. Sometimes I only used two colors to get different shades and sometimes I swirled more than others just to get a variation in color. NOTE: the more you swirl, the more the colors will start to blend so try to only move your spatula once or twice if possible.

Next, I added the cat details. For the ears, I cut a mini marshmallow in half and pressed the tops together to make the point of the ears. I also used mini marshmallows for the white mouth parts by cutting them in half and keeping them more rounded. For the eyes, I placed two chocolate chips upside down in the frosting. For the nose I used a pink, flat sprinkle. And finally, for the whiskers I used two long chocolate sprinkles. Extra: For a girly touch, I added a flower sprinkle by an ear on each one.

Easy Cat Mini Cookie Cakes
Easy Cat Mini Cookie Cakes

And that’s it! Have fun assembling these adorable cats for a special cat lover you know. Then, wait for everyone to gush over how cute they are!

Easy Cat Mini Cookie Cakes

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