“You’ve Been Booed” Thanksgiving Version

There’s nothing better than giving and letting someone know how much you appreciate them, especially when its spontaneous! So, this year I decided to start a new Thanksgiving Tradition. The idea is similar to Boo Baskets or “You’ve Been Booed”. You leave a bag of goodies on the front porch of a family in your neighborhood and then, hopefully, they do the same to another house and so on. I wanted to put a Thanksgiving twist on it, mainly to focus on the idea of giving and of gratitude. So, here is our “You’ve Been Booed” Thanksgiving Version.

Create a “You’ve Been Thank’d” Basket

First, put a bag, bucket or basket together with some treats and attach a nice note explaining the recipient is being ‘Thank’d’. Then, include the “We’ve Been Thank’d” sign for them to put on their door. Finally, drop the basket on the front porch of a neighbor and make sure to tell them to pass their own ‘Thank’ on to another family.

Item’s included in my basket:

Other ideas for what to include:

“You’ve Been Booed” Thanksgiving Version ~ Free Printables:

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