Stitch Fix Unboxing with Pictures

It’s time for another Stitch Fix unboxing with pictures! Below is a quick breakdown of what I received in my most recent box. Stitch Fix allows you to write a note to your stylist for each fix, these notes are extremely important in getting a successful fix. Unless you are very easy to please you shouldn’t leave them blank.

For the Stitch Fix below I requested warm comfortable clothing that I could wear around the house. I’m not currently looking to expand my wardrobe but my Style Pass was still active so I tried another box. Style Pass membership costs $49 and gives you a year of boxes without the $20 styling fee. In addition, $49 is added as credit to your account that will be applied to your next purchase(s). If you purchase one $49+ item a year, it is worth it!

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Stitch Fix Packaging

December Stitch Fix Review

Winter Stitch Fix Unboxing

Havana Cowl Neck Curved Hem Knit $38.00
– This top is super soft and the fabric has a nice little stretch and I particularly like the ribbing on the arms. The color, however, doesn’t do much for me and the top was tight under the armpits so I did return this item.

ayah Skinny Jean $49.00
– Apparently skinny jeans are out now?! These are not full length jeans, they fall right above my ankle but the fit was nice and the material soft. I can see how they would become a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. My closet, however, already has enough black jeans and pants so I passed on these.

Emory Toggle Fleece Jacket $88.00
– When I first opened my fix I wasn’t a big fan of this jacket. After trying it on I fell in love! The material is very similar to a thick sweatshirt but all the details make it much more interesting. Which allows me to look a bit more put together while still being comfortable. So, this was a keeper!

Stitch Fix Unboxing with Pictures - Market & Spruce Emory Toggle Fleece Jacket

Athleisure Wear

Eclipse High Waist Performance Legging $78.00
– Another day, another pair of leggings. The material on these feel like butter but is strong enough to give a nice smooth fit. My current favorite black leggings have pockets on the side that fit my phone perfectly and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. (IUGA Yoga Pants) As much as I liked the fit on these, I have to send them back.

Snap Detail Sweatshirt $54.00
– The last item in my fix is this baby blue sweatshirt with super cute snap details on the shoulders. In person, this top doesn’t look great with my wide shoulders. While the snap detail is adorable, it also makes me look like a linebacker. So, I did return this item.

Stitch Fix Style Card

Stitch Fix includes a style card with every fix. Included is a note from your stylist and suggested styling for each item. The card is perforated so you can pop out each style card for easy storage, maybe use an old recipe box.

Stitch Fix Style Card

Stitch Fix Receipt

You also receive a receipt in every fix which gives you a breakdown of each item and your “buy all” 25% discount. Your account will NO be charge until you go through check-out on the website or app. If you have a styling fee you will see $20 deducted from your total.

Stitch Fix Receipt

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