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We have been Klutz fans ever since we were kids growing up in the 80s & 90s! Some of our favorites include Juggling for the Complete Klutz and the Klutz Koosh Kit. As parents, we have had our share of birthday parties and events that require gifts. In our family Klutz is a the go-to gift, which means we have tried many different Klutz kits. Some that were not so great and some that our girls loved. In particular, we LOVE the Klutz Crafting Kits. They are well thought out, easy to do and cute. Below you will see a list of the kits and books our girls love, they are the best Klutz Kits we have tried so far.

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Klutz Melt & Mold Jewelry Craft Kit – Design your own trendy jewelry by melting magical plastic pellets with warm water. That’s right, just using warm water! Then, mold them into a cute cactus, mystical moon, or any of the 19 stylish shapes included in the silicone mold. Create up to 50 charms and make 10 different projects: pendant necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Everyone will melt over how cute your creations are!

Klutz Mini Bake Shop – Create and decorate your own mini cakes, cookies and pies with easy-peasy, no bake, air-dry clay. This kit includes all of the ‘ingredients’ and instructions for rolling out clay just like fondant. Make faux flowers, stack on the sprinkles, add expressive faces, and more! Display your clay creations on a mini-cake stand or in a beautiful box to highlight your baking talents! It’s a bake shop of captivatingly-cute confectionery.

Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit – Bring your LEGO minifigures to life with this beginner-friendly guide to stop-motion animation. Ten ‘Mini Movies’ walk you through using your phone, tablet, or computer to make short, funny clips with step-by-step instructions. My kids love making stop-motion animation movies, this is a great kit to help them with the details!

Klutz Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups Craft Kit – Five adorable paper pups to pamper, dress up, and tote around. Their fabulous wardrobes offer outfits for every season, and their accessories range from the indispensable (food bowls, bones, and hair curlers) to the extravagant (a tutu). Plus, just in case the pups don’t feel up to prancing, there’s a punch-out dog carrier to take the fashion show on the road. Call it puppy love, Klutz style.

Klutz The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses: Dress Up Paper Horses & Their Fairy Friends Book – The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses comes with six gorgeous paper ponies and two paper-doll fairies. Plus, everything you need to dress them up and play to your heart’s content: a dozen fabulous wings and more than 250 punch-out saddles, manes, tails, bows, crowns, and other horse and fairy fashions.

Klutz Mini Grocery Store Craft Kit – Make a super cute supermarket! Create more than 20 cute clay characters from every aisle of the grocery store: meat, produce, frozen food, and canned goods.Then make a papercraft shopping basket to tote them around. Crystal-clear instructions show what clay measurements you need and custom foam shapes make challenging projects easier! Sprinkled throughout are plenty of ideas to customize your grocery haul with cute food labels and packaging. Don’t forget your shopping list!

A Peek Inside

Klutz Sew Mini Animals Craft Kit – Stitch and stuff an assortment of fuzzy animals from felt. These mini plushies deliver full-sized fun, and everything you need to make up to 14 animals is included. Add extra accessories like hats, bows, and glasses to personalize your animals.

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit – The ten planes in this book are for people who think they’ve seen a good paper plane or two. They’re for the hard to impress, the playground veterans – the kid at the next desk who thinks he and his plane will get sent to the principal’s office first. These are the planes that can prove him wrong.

Klutz Cat’s Cradle Book Kit – With this kit, you will learn how to make 5 string figures, including The Cup and Saucer, The Witch’s Broom, and Jacob’s Ladder. With simple instructions and ultra-clear instructional art, each string picture is foolproof.

LEGO Chain Reactions (Klutz Science/STEM Activity Kit) – With the stuff in this kit and a pile of your own ordinary LEGO bricks, you can build Ten awesome machines that can be combined to make dozens of different chain reactions that use many steps to do. ..a whole lot of nothing (or maybe something vaguely useful).

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