DIY Unboxing Gift

Like many kids, my girls have been asking for LOL Dolls for their birthday and Christmas. But, I’ve watched them with those toys and they don’t actually play with them all that much. What they really liked was the unboxing experience. They love opening the little compartments one at a time and savoring the surprise. So this year, I thought I’d make an unboxing gift of my own. Let me tell you, this gift idea was a HIT! Read on for how I made a DIY unboxing gift.

Fidget Toys

The first thing I did was come up with some small gift ideas that would work in “compartments” of a box. With fidgets being so super popular this year at my daughters school, they were already on her wish list. I ordered a fidget pack off of Amazon and then added a few pieces of candy for extra fun. You could fill it with dollar bills, candy, doll clothes, art supplies, and anything smaller in size. The options are really endless. Next, I laid all the items in an old shipping box I had to make sure they would all fit.

Design Compartments

Once I decided how they would all be laid out, I cut some pieces out of a different cardboard box and hot glued them standing up to make separate compartments for each item. I would recommend this cardboard knife, it is a lifesaver if you need to cut a lot of cardboard.

Fill & Wrap

Once I made all the compartments and filled them with items, I taped a piece of wrapping paper to one side of the box. I laid the wrapping paper over the top and drew dashed lines along each compartment wall so my daughter would know where to “punch” to get the item. I was able to feel the cardboard walls beneath the paper so I knew where to draw. I then added numbers just for fun.

Finally, I taped the wrapping paper to the other three box sides and that was it! My daughters face lit up when she understood the idea of the gift and had a blast opening each compartment and discovering what was in them. It was so much fun, in fact, that my younger daughter has already asked me to do this for her birthday.

DIY Unboxing Gift In Action

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