About us

Who we are:

Two sisters who now live across the country from each other. We use the magic of the internet to meet almost daily, connecting from Chicago to Maine. We are frugal minded moms, professionals who work from home and online shoppers who love a great deal.

What is Today I need a…?

Today I need a… is a blog dedicated to finding deals on high-quality items. Each week we break down a different product that we need by researching, giving each other advice and ideas, finding deals and having a little fun while doing it.


Because we both give opinions on topics, our reviews and posts will have two different points of view of the products we are excited about. Writing from coastal Maine, Nanette has a classic sense of style while incorporating items appropriate to her small town life. Posting from suburban Chicago, Carolyn has a timeless style with a slightly more sporty twist.


Hey, did you know that Carolyn used to be a teacher? It’s true and she even has a Teachers Pay Teachers site you can visit here: EduStudio Hansen